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Effective problem solving and decision making

This workshop will provide the learner with the best opportunities to get to the root cause of problems and ascertain a range of solutions using a structured yet creative model. Once this has been

established, the learner can then use a range of different decision making techniques to implement the solution(s) and take the right direction, overcoming identified barriers and obstacles on the way.


This Workshop enables the Learner to find solutions to real work-based problems and identify a range of solutions tailored to them. No generic framework can solve everything – it’s down to the individual Learner to ask questions, gather views and come to their own conclusions on what’s

the real problem and the most tangible solution(s) for their business right here, right now (and in the future).

Delivering presentations with confidence and authority

This workshop will provide the learner with a range of tips and techniques to eliminate their personal presentation ‘bad habits’ and present with confidence and authority through practice and application.


Confidence when presenting is as simple as the first three letters in that word – it’s all a CON. It’s how you project yourself outwardly i.e. we all get the presentation butterflies but it’s how to internalise these and speak confidently and with authority for the audience’s perception of your public speaking. Pack the punch when presenting.


Those individuals that can deliver powerful presentations in negotiations, cross-departmental relationships, networking with internal and external customers and get their point across in project and team meetings will be the presenters that you need in the gladiator ring.

Advanced facilitation skills

This workshop will provide the learner with a range of tips and techniques including icebreakers, contracting, facilitation models, including measuring the climate. It will also provide a host of tools and techniques for planning, preparing and implementing the facilitation session to create synergy.


Relationship building using Transactional Analysis will also be explored as well as team development models and strategies, including dealing with barriers to agreement, provocation and other catalytic techniques. The Workshop will also include exercises to practise in tough situations and get

video feedback.


The Learner will be able to explore more tools and techniques involved in facilitation and practise a range of situations and receive feedback. The Learner will gain greater insight into their behaviour as a facilitator and how to use their skills in challenging situations back in the workplace.


Finally, the core benefit is to use facilitation as a tool to evaluate the group climate and feed this back to the senior managers, stakeholders and decision makers in the organisation.

1-2 DAYS
Time Management for Professionals

This workshop will provide the Learner with the skills, knowledge and behaviour to effectively manage their time. There are many traditional time management techniques; our workshop breaks the mould and really stretches people to identify and plan how they are going to deal with their personal time management barriers and ‘time stealer’s’.


At the Taking the First Step level we can accomplish this in one day of learning; for Intermediate and Advanced levels we raise the bar to a World Record height to truly establish how to get back some of that precious time and get you back on a 9-5.


No matter the size of your organisation, everyone measures waste. Time lost is the biggest waste that occurs in your organisation. If we can enable your participants to save 6 minutes a day, then we’ll leave you to do the sums. We’ll eliminate procrastination, time stealer’s and get your people organised to improve individual and therefore organisation efficiency.

Effectively Handling People and Difficult Situations

This Workshop will give learners that ‘magic touch’ to dealing effectively with difficult people and uncomfortable situations that they have traditionally found difficult to deal with in the workplace.

Defining difficult people and situations is an extremely personal thing and too often a clash of personalities.


This Workshop examines classic and novel concepts to working with those different people types and enables the Learner to flick the right switch to get the best out of difficulties in anyway, shape or form.


Conflict is the virus of effective intra- and inter-personal communications in your organisation. No virus can be completely cured, but the symptoms can be reduced. We’ll provide the right prescription for each individual attending this interactive and thought-provoking workshop.

Communication Skills for Professionals

This Workshop focuses initially on the barriers to communication, perhaps the strongest being perceptions and how the way others see a situation often differs from your viewpoint. In addition there are the physical, psychological and emotional barriers to communication and the lack of using assertive

behaviour in the workplace. Finally, the communication skills of the different types of questioning and

listening techniques i.e. the balance you have to ‘strike’ between advocacy and inquiry is a fine line.


The Workshop focuses on common listening barriers and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes while still staying in your own. With lots of interaction, humour and practise, including inserts from famous communicators and powerful presenters, this Workshop will provide the Learner with an insight into how to become world-class communicators.


Communication skills are at the heart of your organisation’s effectiveness – if your people don’t ask, listen or break down each other’s perceptions, perspectives, values and beliefs then this can be a real ‘maker or breaker’ for productivity, quality and profit. Everyone needs to demonstrate the most appropriate communication behaviours back in your workplace.

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Running Effective Meetings & Meeting Management

This Workshop will enable the Learner to discuss and explore best-in-class techniques to running effective meetings end-to-end, from invitations and agendas to conducting and facilitating the meeting itself.


The Learner will create an agenda, discuss the how to’s and do’s and don’ts of ensuring full attendance at meetings and dealing with meeting ‘menaces’ or saboteurs that impact the timings allocated to the meeting. The ultimate aim is to deliver on time, but also have the timetable for delivery.


Meetings take time but don’t always get the necessary outputs, get managed correctly or run to time. You don’t want your people to have meetings for the sake of meetings. If they take place, they have to be managed effectively, including effectively managing those ‘Menaces’. This will result in fully attended meetings, with well thought-out resolutions and actions that are delivered on time every time, allowing them to get back to their ‘real’ work and don’t just get caught in the ‘MEETINGS – THE GREAT EXCUSE FOR NOT WORKING’ mind-set.